Vat dyed towels

Stack of black vat dyed towels, chlorine resistant
Vat dyed chlorine resistant towels, designed for salons and hair dressers

Vat dyed towels are suitable for salons and hair dressers where a resistance to bleaching from chlorine is essential. We can provide vat dyed towels in a range of sizes and weights which are guaranteed to be bleach and peroxide resistant as well as being incredibly hard wearing.

We can provide 100% cotton towels, or 90% cotton, 10% polyester. The addition of 10% polyester ensures that the towels remain snag free and will resist snagging. Our towels will withstand a heavy wash cycle particularly in industrial washing our towels will have an incredibly long life span.

Personalisation is available in terms of design and fabric weight.

Vat dyed for light fastness

stack of vat dyed towels in sunlight with hat.
Vat dyed towels are also important for fabrics exposed to a high amount of uv light, for beach towels and yacht towels.

In addition to vat dyed towels being essential in salons and hair dressers, vat dyed towels are particularly useful for beach towels or yacht towels, this is because non vat dyed colours will tend to fade over time when exposed to high amounts of sunlight and bleaching from the sun.

We can provide towels and towelling fabrics which are vat dyed to guarantee a high lifespan where the intended use will involve prolong periods of direct sunlight. Because we are able to dye our own fabrics, we can offer vat dyed colours across our entire towelling range in all fabric weights.

Please contact us for your requirement of either vat dyed towels (salon towels, or yacht towels) and for towelling fabrics on rolls.



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