100% Cotton Waffle Towelling

Waffle / Honeycomb Fabric

Minimum Order Stock Colours: 30 Metres

Minimum Order Custom Colours: 250 Metres

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100% cotton waffle fabric. Also known as ‘honeycomb’. The unique honeycomb weave on the fabric provides an expanse for water to evaporate from the fabric, helping it dry quickly.

Cotton waffle is very absorbent and quick drying, primarily used for baby products, towels, bathrobes, exfoliating cloths and kitchen cleaning cloths. This soft fabric is lightweight and breathable.

Machine washable to 30 degrees. Supplied in rolls of 30 metres. 150 cm wide.

How is Waffle Fabric different from terry towelling?

In terry towelling, the fabric is woven into loops that absorb water, and hold onto it, drawing it away from your body, and holding it.

In a waffle weave the fabric is woven into a unique flat weave that form small honeycombs. These honeycombs draw the moisture away from your body, but because the weave itself is flat, the water evaporates much more quickly, and dries much faster than terry.

Is waffle towelling made from organic cotton?

This towelling uses 100% natural cotton and is processed without dyes or harmful chemicals.

True “Certified Organic” cotton must be grown in accordance with organic farming principles, and there are several stages that must be verified by a certifying authority. For example our organic terry towelling is GOTS organic certified.

While the cotton used in our waffle towelling is not Certified Organic, it is grown and processed using minimal chemicals. Our products are all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, an international certification of environmentally-responsible manufacturing processes.

Is waffle towelling exfoliating?

The cotton waffle / honeycombs structure is great in two ways: it creates more surface area so the fabric dries much more quickly, and the raised texture offers a gentle exfoliation. A little exfoliation allows moisturizers to soak into skin more easily so it can be very beneficial. 


Because waffle towelling is 100% cotton and woven in a flat weave shrinkage on the first wash is expected, shrinkage on first wash is approximately 18% in the length and width.

Pre-Shrunk Waffle

Shrinkage on the first wash with any kind of fabric made from natural fibres is expected and completely normal. Due to waffle weave having a unique construction shrinkage can be an inconvenience as it means the fabric must either be pre-washed and shrunk before making into finished items, or the end customer needs to be made aware of the potential high shrinkage, which they may not expect.

In order to offer a bespoke service to our customers we offer the option for us to pre-shrink the waffle fabric. Pre-shrinking requires washing in an industrial tumbler, as such we require an order of 400mts minimum for this service. Please contact us for more information.

Stock and Availability

White and natural available from stock.

Other colours by request, subject to minimums.

Rolls: 150cm wide, 30 metres in length.

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