Specialist Fabrics For Digital Printing

Towelling for Digital Printing

Minimum Order Stock Weights: 30 Metres

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A industry leader for many years, we supply a wide range of snag free microfiber products. In addition to the excellent cleaning qualities these fabrics provide, the 100% polyester / polyamide fabrics are also ideal for use with new digitial printing (dye sublimation) technologies.

Digital printing onto fabric using either standard or client’s own bespoke patterns, is becoming an increasingly popular service, and at Textile Services we supply a number of digital printing companies across the UK with their microfibre fabrics to print on.

The company is equipped with the most advanced technology in the industry and supplies various products to the digital printing sector.

We have a variety of products to suit most requirements including single-sided and double-sided polyester microfibre, brushed microfibre and square design microfibre of varying weights and thicknesses.

We can guarantee a consistent high quality product with 100% polyester fibres formulated specifically for printing, our consistent high quality fabrics ensure the best possible printing results.

We supply both fabric on a roll for onward printing and can supply read-made items such as towels suitable as dye sublimation blanks, thus avoiding the need for further CMT work.

Example Fabrics

BK MICRO * – 300grm 100% Polyester terrytowel, a popular fabric for digital printing.

OSAKA * – A premium microfibre with polyester / polyamide blend which adds greater absorbency.

MICROSPUNGA * – 170grm, 100% Polyester terrytowel, a lightweight but high quality microfibre.

MICROSPUNGA BRUSHED – A brushed terrytowel microfibre which gives a softer feel and different printing results, smooth and soft.

COMO MICRO * – Single sided microfibre

COMO MICRO BRUSHED – Single sided with brushed effect on the pile.

BK QUARDO * – A jacquard effect microfibre with a square pattern woven into the material

CAPRI MICRO / MICRO PISTOIA – A double sided alternative, soft cotton side and a microfibre reverse suitable for printing. Ideal for printing but leaving a soft cotton reverse.

*Denotes fabric weights operated on a stock service – min order 1 x roll.

In addition we can supply polyester fabric without pile, suitable for printing.

For more information please contact us, we are happy to provide sample lengths for you to make test prints before purchase.




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