Oven Glove / Aga Fabric (OG)

Minimum Order Stock Colours: 30 Metres

Minimum Order Custom Colours: 250 Metres

Please contact us for pricing and availability

We supply an extra-thick heavy duty towelling that is ideal for making oven gloves/mits, aga mats and aga hob covers.

This is the ideal material for the classic ‘double oven glove’ design, it has a weight of 540 grm and is available in a natural shade color from stock. If you require another shade please contact us to discuss your requirements.

It is supplied on rolls of 30m in length, 150cm width and is made from 100% cotton loop locked together by a polyester base.

This towelling will meet to the new PPE regulations (EU) 2016/425. All finished items will require independent testing.

Oven Glove Material 540 grm Terry Towelling
Heat Resistant Terry Towelling (Natural) Shade, ideal for oven gloves.
Also available in other colours such as grey and black (subject to minimums)

Due to popular demand, for one metre lengths you can purchase this fabric directly from the following Amazon Page.

For wholesale enquiries please contact us.




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