Microfibre Towelling

Minimum Order Stock Colours: 30 – 50 Metres

Minimum Order Custom Colours: 250 Metres

Please contact us for pricing and availability
Due to popular demand, a limited range of microfibre fabrics are available to purchase ‘by the metre’ from the Amazon page below. For wholesale quantities and other colour and weight options, please contact us for specific pricing and more options.

Our microfibre towelling is composed from a very thin fibre which is 1500/3000 times finer than a hair, 15/30 times finer than a cotton fibre. It has a micro abrasive action and a maze fabric structure that locks up dust and dirt.

Microfibre towelling is more absorbent, weighs less and takes up less space than a standard towel so is perfect for making camping towels, gym towels, animals coats and blankets and bathrobes, as well as traditional cleaning cloths, as it is also suitable for cleaning all surfaces without soaps.

We supply the following microfire towelling:

BK Micro – This is our heavier microfibre fabric available in 150cm wide rolls.

Osaka – This is a two component (polyester / polyamide) fabric. The presence of additional polyamide fibres allows a greater absorbency. 150cm wide rolls.

Microspugna – A lighter (170grm/sqm) microfibre product suitable for bathrobes, gym and sports towels. 150cm wide rolls.

We can also supply ready-made microfibre products, such as cloths for cleaning. Please contact us or visit the Finished Products page of our website for further details.

Ready Made Cleaning Cloths

For cleaning glass we recommend our fabrics made with a polyester / polyamide blend microfiber which does not leave marks or streaks thanks to the structure of the thread itself that allows the immediate absorption of liquid.

We also manufacture microfibre cloths that eliminate any residual dust and dirt.

We have the option of or supplying these fabrics by the meter or as ready-made cleaning cloths, a choice of size and colour is available by request.

Dye Sublimation Printing

Due to advances in digital printing technology we have identified a range of our microfibre towelling fabrics which are ideally suited for digital dye sublimation printing.




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