Bamboo fabric has a soft silky texture similar to cashmere. Bamboo is breathable and extremely comfortable against the skin.

Bamboo fabric surpasses cotton in moisture absorption. Its crisscross texture creates microscopic openings in the fibres, creating truly exceptional moisture absorption.

Tests have shown that Bamboo absorbs 60% more moisture than cotton and dries 20% quicker, this makes it an obvious choice for towels and bathrobes.


Made from environmentally friendly woven Bamboo. Our Bamboo towelling is highly biodegradable and eco-friendly, having hardly any impact on the environment. Contrary to cotton, Bamboo can be cultivated naturally without the need for pesticides. Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants, growing up to one metre in a single day. Bamboo is also a grass, meaning it will continue to grow once it has been cut, just like a lawn.

Bamboo can absorb 35% more Carbon Dioxide than equivalent fibres.

Natural Product

Our Bamboo towelling is made from the highest quality East Asian Bamboo. Compared to fibres originating from wood (viscose rayon) or other petro-chemical fibres (polyester), bamboo has an important advantage to offer: a short growth cycle and easy cultivation.

Anti-Bacterial by Nature.

Results carried out by Testex; an independent Swiss laboratory have shown that Bamboo fabric is antibacterial by nature. (JIS L 1902 Quantitative Test)

The Japanese Textile Federation have confirmed that after 100 washing cycles, Bamboo fibre still possesses it’s anti-bacterial properties.

Special Finishing

The following treatments can be applied to Bamboo towelling during manufacture.

  • Sanitized.
  • Actiguard.